UCSC Film 136A Project - Summer, 2021

Note: Video has very fast color changes due to footage being speed up.

Audio Track 1 - In-Class Remarks

[Mirs] So ya, now we are live. It is recording. That is me making all this stuff. Everything. By hand. Heh. Of like 18 hours. I think. So yeah. How's everyone's day?


My day's been pretty good. I just wanna say that this is a super cool idea. I think it's incredibly innovative and really, really neat. And I just want to commend you on this. I think its great.

[Mirs] Aw, thank you. Yeah I was really hesitant about doing this cause I'm like, if something goes wrong during the recording, there is no recordings so. It's one-shot.

It's one time only. Opportunity-

Pizza or Hot Pockets?

[Mirs] Uh, Hot Pockets. It's travel sized.

Cats or dogs?

[Mirs] I- I take care of uh stray cats from our neighborhood but I- all the pets I've own are pretty much dogs or fishes [also birds]. Right now I have a Min Pin [Minature Pincher Dog] that's staring at me. Oh yeah and after this i anyone wants to email about like "hey, I saw this part that you did this thing. Do you know how to do it?" Feel free. Um, I'm not an expert but I know enough to make uh rough, sketchy somethings.

[Bird chirps, probably chickadees]

[Mirs] Um, is everyone here a film major? Eh- I'll always ask this around whenever we go into breakouts [Zoom digital rooms] but the majority is yes but sometimes people aren't. I don't know, it's always fun.

I'm a film major, so nothing exciting here. Yeah.

[Mirs] That's still exciting.

I like barbaque ribs without barbaque sauce.

[Mirs] Oh? [I'll try that later.]

[Mirs] I always- The other reason why I always ask cause I'm a game major so I feel like I'm being an imposter hiding in film classes. [Sneak Sneak]

Yeah dude you're total welcome. Oh.

You're also the future of the medium, I think. I mean as your department becomes more about like playable media for example.

[Mirs] Oh yeah. Like you know what's the craziest thing, is that I learned all this web designing stuff from my game making class. Beforehand I never had a web design, and then I'm like "whelp, now I gotta make this." Well, except uh, I never did the custom domain name thing. That one's new. So- so yeah.

What is your favorite game?

[Mirs] My favorite game. Oh my god. Huh. Oh my god. Uh. I really like Dig Dug. I really like it. It's so cute. It's like uh old game from like I think the 70s. Um, Tower of Drauga is another old game, those are good ones. But uh, more recently I like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild because I'm watching my brother playthrough it and he just like blowing him self up with the bombs. So.

I think this is really cool because as film majors we rarely get to use any of these programs so I really admire your work.

[Mirs] Yeah I think a good chunk of- the only reson I know most of these programs is cause I would spend like hours after studying just trying to Google "how in the world do you do xyz" and then reading like thousands of articles and being like "I don't know where to start" and then, and then eventually when I take the class they're like "here are three links you need for everything" and I'm like "are you kidding me?"

Yeah self-research is really time consuming, so. And I feel like it really helps to learn.

[Mirs] Okay I think we are now at the four minute mark cause- alright I'm keeping this to around five minutes cause I gotta throw this into uh, online .mp4 to .mp3 converter cause Obs does not does this straight to .mp3, for whatever reason. Um, so then I'm gonna throw that in. And you'll see that later.

How long does each character or like animated figures take to make? For you.

[Mirs] Um, I think the rough like circle, stick figures looking things took like two hours. Cause I was doing the- animating the in-betweens with a slight zoom out. So I had to make sure the- it's like "so here are these two circles and so you do the middle of that and that'll make the frame in-between. That's basically all in-betweening. For the drawing it depends each drawing. Like the chicken one, heh, that you just saw, um uh that one I think took two hours? The Zorro looking one heheh that you see right now, since I'm doing like a lot of soft penciling I think that took me like three and a half. Uh so it just depends on which ones, some are faster than others so."

And do you start sort of plan the characters beforehand?

[Mirs] No. Heh. So I was like- alright I gotta- so I gotta make these animations, that's what I'm gonna do. I don't have a design for them. So I was just like looking around the room and being like "what do I want to make?" And then I was like "Bam!" The chicken is my brother's Minecraft Character. Cool huh. Alright.

How did you screen record this? [Music]

[Mirs] Obs. Uh, all of the links I ever used for this project, all of the information guides I put them all on the website. You can have fun. Alright, I think this is the end. I have to stop this recording. Oh, no. And the recording is going down in like 5, 6, 7, 3, uh, uh, ah, 3, 2, 1.

Good Job!

[Mirs] There you go. Heh. Buh-Bye.

Audio Track 2 - Música Para El Projecto


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