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At the Edge of the End

During my freshman year of college, I had to come up with an idea for a card game. By that point I had created a game called Morph so I wanted to extend some of the themes I used. As such the main narrative of this game surrounded two figures who would either work together to save what was left of the world or fall apart. The closest thing I had to describe them at the time were gods but that doesn't really fit so I also refered to them more vaguely as figures.
Creating the logo
In terms of the actual gameplay, the player plays as one of the figures. They either have resources (such as types of land or living creatures) or action cards to potenitally change who has control of the cards. As the game progresses, the player would temporally transition from the Beginning to the End, with some opportunities to travel back and forth. Through the decisions and choices the players make, the outcome of the game will be determined.
Inking pencil sketches Card outline
For creating the cards, all of the artwork was watercolor painted onto stock cards and then digitally scanned. After making the background transparent, they would be overlayed with their appropriate painted backdrop. Using the card layout designed, the card's title and effects would be added. A few of the cards were printed, cut out, glued together, and then set inside the game's box where I currently have it next to me.
Painting the cards
Adding details
'Collaboration' card art
It was an enjoyable experience creating this. Maybe one day I'll return to either update the game or adapt it into a video game.
- Mirs (written June, 2023)