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Egg with Legs Loot Box

This was made for a class on 3d character modeling and we were tasked to create a loot box. I wanted to make something that wasn't in the form of a crate or tresure chest so I came up with this design. Although the file name is labled as 'Egg with Legs', I sometimes called it 'Rategg' or 'Eggrat'.
Rough sketches
I thought it be fun if the loot box would be able to run around for the players to catch but not necessarily make it alive, hence its close resemblance to a toy egg.
Beginning with a quick sketch and making a mock-up with colors, I began modeling it. The first iternation was focused on sculpting the mesh and adding extraneous details. Then it got retopologized to make its simplified form.
High-poly and low-poly models
Getting ready for textures
It was thrown into another program to add in the textures and I created a simple base for the model to stand on. And finally making some renders it in a few different angles.
Egg with Legs renders
- Mirs (written June, 2023)