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Giant and Ito Short Film

During my sophmore year of college, I was coming up ideas for my final project. I decided to make something lighthearted and began playing around with some 3d modeling.
Ito model
Giant model
After a few minutes, Giant the friendly forest creature and Ito the bird was created. Setting up the textures for Ito was straightforward. There wasn't any issues rigging them or figuring out how they would fit together on screen either.
Giant's texture took a bit more effort. His earlier design made him look almost inky but I wanted to incorporate more colors. Using a shader graph, I feed the camera data into the mesh render and filtered an image of a forest and ended up with his final look.
Giant model, earlier inky version
I really liked how it came out since Giant would look sightly different as he moved around. It fitted the playfulness of his deattatched head very nicely. After making a quick photo reel of Giant and Ito hanging out with some video editing, the project was done.
Months later, during the chaoticness of moving out, I accidently lost the final set up for Giant's textures but his other design iterations were saved. If I remember, I'll take a shot at reverse engineering it but until then his likeness is captured in the film.
- Mirs (written June, 2023)
Background photograph from the short film