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Testing Grounds: Kubie

This was the first game I made in Unity. For this project I was mostly focused on testing out different mechanics and adding controls the player could use more than developing a narrative.
Lowering the gameworld's lighting, multiple spotlights were used to give the game an almost neon appearance. Underneath would be the sight of a sunset. The player could switch between camera views, change the colors of objects, and shoot the bouncy balls and cylinders chasing them.
With it being a low stakes game, I decided to add in a few different architectual features for the player to explore, a giant cat and a soaring bird.
Choosing the lighting framework for Unity
I really like how the game ended up. If I remember, I'll upload it to itch.io so other people can play it. Until then I have a few playtest footages from different versions of the game.
- Mirs (written June, 2023)