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Life in the Students Tabletop Game

This was made during my junior year of college. I wanted to make a chill game that could be played by friends hanging out together.
With this in mind, I created a game where the players can choose to be either plants or students that had to take care of each other. Thematically based on my own experience during the class, the students are in the midst of finals week and wouldn't be able to safely move the plants into the garden until then. Each passing day may bring unexpected challenges or calm evenings.
There were a few different drafts of the handbook. Over time I added in a few illustrations to help give the players some ideas.
After finishing the manual, I decided to include a playlist of song recommendations for people to enjoy. I included songs in a few different languages and instrumental pieces. At the time the film Black Panther and Spiderverse was out so I added some songs from there to the playlist.
There were about two weeks worth of playtesting. From all the held sessions, they really enjoyed the game and making some doodles.
- Mirs (written June, 2023)