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Morph (ver 1.3)

Click to play

(Player controls: mouse/touch)

This was the first independent video game I made, during my freshman year of college. I wanted it to be special so I decided to lean into the multi-narrative capabilities of Twine.
The narrative is mostly divided into four storylines, each dealing with the different surrounding kingdoms. Some routes depend on the choices the players makes, others depend on them finding hidden paths by waiting patiently, a couple by wandering around. Many sides to people once assumed as certain or absolute.
There is, however, another path a bit different from the rest. The game's true ending. It is a bit tricky to find, and the route to finish it might take a few attempts, but I feel it very worth it in the end.
Morph ver. 1.0
Morph ver. 1.3
When I initially finished the game, I had used artwork that had missing credits. I'm currently in the process of adding in my own artwork but for now I put in stars as a placeholder. Aside from this, version 1.3 is largely as it was originally created.
I am very proud of how it turned out. The characters I made are very important. Once I get around to making more games, they will make a reappearance. Until then, this is their humble beginning and I hope to show what I have in mind for them in the future.
(Bonus Trivia: one of my favorite endings is #19)
- Mirs (written August, 2023)