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Al Cielo

UCSC undergraduate project - external collaborator

Role: Sensitivity reader, Architectual assitant

Team Size: 10-15 people

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to work on a game about a young boy's dream to fly in a rocketship. I didn't grow up in Mexico and was honest about this from the start of the project. They believe my experience to be helpful towards making a considerate game and I joined them on their project.
By this point in development, a majority of the core programming for the HTC Vive was done along with the sketched narrative storyboards. This would be one of the first time I worked as an external collaborator for a game not as an artist. In the beginning, I focused on overlooking the playtesting footage, glancing through the game files, and coming up with ideas for making the place more homely.
Ideas for puzzles
Midway development, the house's layout was adjusted because of a small thing that was pointed out. The house meant for about five people only had one way in or out. After laughing about how ridiculous this would be, the designed was changed. With how quickly the end of the quarter was approaching, there wasn't much time to make any other large scale changes and mostly focused on polishing the controllers.
I enjoyed working with this team. In working as a sensitivity reader, I hope others can appricate this short game.
- Mirs (written June, 2023)