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Eye of the Storm

UCSC undergraduate project

Role: Technical Artist, Architectual assistant

Team Size: 5-8 people

This was made right before our senior projects for the game major in college.
For this project I joined the team as a technical artist. We began brainstorming ideas on what we should make. Gradually the conversation drifted to how strange it was being back in the game lab after spending a whole year away from the pandemic. We decided it was an important thing to talk about, and wanted a way to depict something that was hard to express directly.
One of the artists drafted up a script and became the game's official narrator. The programmers set up the files and collision for the event triggers. We rummaged around for some sound clips that would seem both familiar and yet new to the players.
Originally the architectual layout was going to be much more complex but with myself focused on the shaders for the color shifts and the others on the menus and dialogue, the layout remained mostly intact. The chaoticness of the city would become the main floor and the bustling nature is on the rooftop.
Going upstairs
As of right now, the game isn't published but a full playthrough was recorded. If I don't forget, I'll ask the others for it to be released since it's such a delightful game.
*Beep, BEEP, beep BEEP* *Ducks quacking*
- Mirs (written June, 2023)