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Life Waltz

UCSC undergraduate project

Role: Artist, Narrative

Team Size: 2 people

This one is a short fun one to talk about. It's my freshman year of college and I got to pair up with a close friend to make a short game. I believe the limitation was around fifteen event triggers and five scenes since the game was meant to be done in a week.
For this project I worked on the art and the short narrative while my partner took on the programming and made the title.
Making the protagonist
With how floaty the small cloaked figure's jumps were, we decide to make some enemies as ghosts and added in a wolf and sorcerer. For the final boss, well that's a surprise and I won't go spoiling the ending either. It's a pretty short game after all. We managed to finish it in one sitting over a slice of pizza in the dorms.
The game currently isn't published but I still have a short clip of the gameplay footage. If I don't forget, I'll eventually ask later if we could upload Life Waltz somewhere.
- Mirs (written June, 2023)